The Best Things in Life

Most of us spend our lives looking for something. Something, whatever it is, that will make us happy. 

Some seek money, success, a big house and other material things. 

Others have some special dream. A goal they want to achieve and they are convinced that they will never be truly happy until they do. 

Some seek inner peace. 

And others simply don’t know what they want.

Many of these people might try different things in search of true happiness or they might just sit and wait for it to come to them. Others are simply too busy to bother.

My life has been a mixture of all the above. 

I dreamed of money and success. Of a big fancy house with shiny new items and a nice car in my big garage. And yes, I thought I would never be truly happy until I achieved it.

Guess what?  I was wrong.

My dream, like that of many others, was to be successful.

My goal; to be able to afford anything I wanted. 

I wanted a great job that I would enjoy every day of my life. But what would that job be?

I wanted to do so many different things… And still do. Many different careers attracted me but I could never decide just one.

And still can’t. 

Sometimes I just wanted peace. Some quiet place to think and relax. Forget about the outside world. 

And other times, I just sat and waited for something to happen. 

Then one day I realised my life was complete. Not because I had achieved all of those things but because I had learnt to see the beauty of what I had already.

I had stopped worrying so much about my future life. I had started making flexible plans instead, but most of all, I had learnt to really enjoy the little things.

It didn’t matter where I would go next. what profession I would choose or any of the other things I worried about, because I had learnt to enjoy them all in their own way. 

The little things really are the best. No doubt about it.

Big things are great, of course. And some might keep you happy for a long time, even the memory of it might do.

But the little things, those you can enjoy every day, those are priceless.

No one else might enjoy them like you.

The beauty of those little things is just yours. 

I can’t help to feel the luckiest girl when I feel the soft touch of my lovely puppy’s fur, resting against my bare feet.

The taste of a hot chocolate or a good meal. 

The magic world created when I read a book on the couch. 

The touch of my loved one holding my hand. 

The voice of my elders telling me a story. 

The smile of a child.

No amount of money, successful career or big house can buy any of those feelings.


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