Beautiful moments..

When we grow up we often forget the beauty of some of the little things, specially when it comes to relationships and love. We are always trying to move forward, get to a better position whether it be work, studies or relationships.

For some people, in terms of a relationship, the main and often last step to make it feel complete (then of course may or may not come marriage) it is when we reach the sexual stage. And yes, that’s an important and beautiful stage too but we are often too worried about getting there and forget the little steps along the way. As we grow older and we become more “practical” and “realistic”, we start to depreciate those details that once could make up a whole story. 

Today, as I exchanged glances and smiles with a guy I feel attracted to, I could tell that he liked me back, without any direct comments, without sex, there were thoughts and feelings exchanged in quick furtive looks and embarrassed smiles. And something about it made me happier, fuller, than any loveless sexual relationship ever could.

But did he really? Because I could be wrong, maybe I’m imagining things that I wished had happened. That’s what my practical mind and already broken heart want to tell me. And although that question, made up of just 4 little words, might keep me up all night, the feeling somehow remains that we shared those beautiful moments that were only ours and that makes the sleepless night worth it. 


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