Another night turned to day
Even though you asked me to stay
I had to drive into the purple sky
To this unfamiliar land called ‘home’–
You’re not a fool; you know the reason why.

The camaraderie we share, more treasured than any
Sleepless nights; wasted youth; our memories real and plenty
A decade of lessons, mutual student and teacher
Shared laughter, passion and pain; hardship and decadence unmatched
And it is here I bare the lock on my lustful heart unlatched.

Tear through the barricade of cobwebs should you dare
See for yourself the dark, winding corridors; my cold, stoney lair.
It is quiet and solitary; sealed away, undisturbed
For only the selfish and cowardly have entered here
Looting and chiseling away all I’ve held dear.

Beware as you feel your way deeper into this place
For you’ll soon realize the truth is all you can face
Proceed to its core and you’ll know the burden is too great to bare
Just like a slap to the face,  because you’ll realize you always knew
The thing I could never confess is that I’m in love with you.

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