Creative Writing Exercise: 3 Facts, 1 Lie. (First attempt)

out of my window, it all looked so beautiful. The gardens, the
forever sunless sky, the trees and the darkness behind them, leading
to the forest. All you had to do was head towards the little bridge
that went over the river. And the wildlife? The rabbits were the
easiest to spot. They were the bravest. Ventured out from the trees
every night and would only leave if you got too close to them. The
squirrels were also never far but they were small and the trees were
tall and they would rarely come down. The foxes and the owls were
easily heard too, you just had to pay attention. But the ones we all
wanted to see, the rarest of them all, were the deer. You could count
yourself lucky if you ever saw them. Very lucky if you saw them up
close. I only saw them once, one foggy night. I was sitting by the
window reading a book by the candlelight and there they were standing
silently in the darkness of the night, two deer. I couldn’t believe
my eyes. I ran outside and followed them into the forest until I
could no longer see in front of me. It was then I heard the chanting.

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