• Watch nature movies, documentaries and TV shows that show animals in their natural habitats.
  • Explore nature photography online or in books or, better yet, take your own camera and start photographing birds and other animals in your own neighborhood.
  • Get outside and visit your local conservation areas and parks. Even in the biggest cities, a wide range of animals call them home.
  • Set up a bird feeding station in your yard or on your apartment balcony. Once the birds know it’s there, you can watch them for hours.
  • Become a regular bird watcher and you’ll be astounded at the number of birds that live nearby.
  • Become a bat watcher.
  • Visit, volunteer at, or support sanctuaries that provide homes for abandoned, abused and neglected animals. Do some research first to make sure they are legitimate sanctuaries and not zoos.
  • Visit, volunteer at, or support a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center.
  • Adopt an animal from an animal shelter or volunteer to walk dogs or socialize cats.
  • Get involved in outdoor activities, like hiking, canoeing and camping. You can see lots of wildlife while you’re doing a fun activity. Nearly every town and city have outdoor clubs you can join.
  • Visit a science center or museum that features displays about the natural world.

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