Editing Tips

When editing a story, here are some more helpful questions you can ask yourself: 

  • Is this what you meant to say? Sure? 
  • Is this the best possible way you could have said it? 
  • Would this event really happen this way? Could it? 
  • Are you sure this character would say that? 
  • Is this idea/scene/chapter/line in the right place? Would it be better somewhere else? Or maybe nowhere at all? 
  • Is there something missing? More details or background information? 
  • Are you engaging your reader? 
  • Are the events happening in the right order? Are significant events given enough weight? 
  • Does it read too slow, or too fast?
  • And does the writing convey the right tone for your story? Does it create the mood you hoped for? 

Sources and more information available at: 

FutureLearn. Page from start writing fiction – the open university. Available at: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/start-writing-fiction/5/steps/55986 (Accessed: 6 February 2016).


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