What to Avoid in Dystopian Fiction


Anonymous said: So I’m writing in a dystopian future, are there any clichés which I should avoid?

I love dystopian literature. Here are just some things I don’t love. This is my opinion, you may disagree, that’s cool too.

Also: you don’t necessarily have to even avoid these things- just make them work in a way that makes sense.

  • This awkward teenager who can barely complete a simple task must single-handedly control an entire revolution and overthrow an extremely powerful government.
  • The protagonist appears to be nothing special but for some reason the world is in dire need of them
  • Unrealistic endings: the main character has been tortured four times, lost everyone they’ve ever loved, had their home destroyed, and never even finished high school… but their life is complete and full of laughter and happiness since the evil regime has fallen.
  • The government is the main part of what is wrong with society/the main conflict
  • Having no reason for the motives of characters/evil governments, or the reason just being that they were seeking power/control
  • The 1%
  • Revolution of oppressed vs. the government
  • Love triangles

Can these things all work? Yes. Should you take extra caution when trying to make them work? Yes.


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