Don’t worry about the firsts…

You’ll get them back!

We’ve all had a first time at something in some way or another. You probably don’t remember some of them. Your first words, your first steps.. Others, you’ll never forget. Your first kiss, your first time…

They are all important. It’s the thing with first times, they’re special because you only get them once and when that’s gone you know you’ll never get them back.
Or will you?

People often regret some of their first times because they think that’s it, there won’t be any more special times, no more magic, specially when it comes to relationships. 

I realised the other day that’s not necessarily true. 

I’ve had a few relationships and often thought that I would never get those first moments again, that my next relationship wouldn’t be special. Then, something happened. I found myself telling my boyfriend that it was the first time I exchanged Christmas gifts with a partner. Then again, I realised I had never actually spent Valentine’s Day with a partner. I had never gone out for ice cream with their mother. I had never done some of the many other things that I will keep between the two of us. 

And then it hit me, whether it is with him or with somebody else, I will keep having first times. The key is to learn how to spot them and treasure them each time. 


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