Do you know this story?!

There is a lovely short story I’ve heard a few times and has become one of my favourites but I don’t know where it comes from, I don’t even know who wrote it or if it was passed down through oral tradition. I would really like to find out so if anyone knows about it, please let me know, either here or through a private message. 

Here is “my version” of it, essentially what I remember:

There was once a beautiful princess who promised her hand in marriage to anyone who would stay next to her castle’s wall for a whole year. 

Many came pretending to stay and gain the princess’ hand in marriage but there was one poor young man who loved her most of all. Little by little, all the others started to leave and when the winter came only the poor young man remained. 

He became well known and the princess heard about him. The day before the deadline, the princess went outside the wall in disguise to see this young man and when she returned to the castle she told her father that she was impressed by him and she would, indeed, marry him. 

It was all agreed and the next day, the final day of the year, she went outside to find her new husband-to-be but found no one. 

When the poor young man arrived home his mother asked him: “ What happened son? I thought you loved this girl, you stayed there for so long and you gave up on the last day? What made you change your mind?

To this, the young man replied: “ Mum, I heard she came out to see me and she agreed to marry me but she doesn’t love me. “

“But that’s a great thing, I don’t understand son. ”

“Mum, she agreed to marry me, I loved her so much I stayed by her castle for a 364 days in the cold and the rain. She saw me, agreed to become my wife and yet, she couldn’t spare me a single day of pain. Mum that’s not love.”

Hope you liked the story and if you know it, I would really appreciate it if you could tell where it comes from or who wrote it. 


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