prompts for 2 teens that meet at a bookstore


  1. Character A is loudly lamenting not being able to find book four of their favorite series. Character B offers to let them borrow their copy.
  2. Character A insults a book Character B likes.
  3. Character A is too short to reach the top shelves. Character B helps.
  4. Character A is desperately searching for a certain book – they accidentally ruined a borrowed copy and want to replace it.
  5. Character A slips a message into a random book. Character B finds it.
  6. Character A notices how attractive Character B is. WHen B sees them staring, A grabs a book – an embarrassing one.
  7. Character A trips over Character B’s bag and they topple a book display over.
  8. Character A sees the book Character B is holding and says: “Hey, I know the writer.”
  9. Character A sees the How To book Character B is holding and says: “You can learn that for free from my YouTube channel.” 
  10. Characters A and B find themselves browsing the same foreign language section.
  11. Characters help each other pick gifts for their family members/friends.
  12. Character A notices Character B buying a book in their favorite series which happens to have a very small fandom.
  13. Character A and B are the only two people who turn up for a reading/signing.
  14. One of the characters works at the store.
  15. One of the characters pretends to be working at the store for some sort of social experiment or prank.

You can also look at the library prompts or the record store prompts. Some of them could be adjusted 🙂


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