so you've got a theme and a plot. you know that the next step is building the characters that will fuel your roleplay. characters make the setting and situations come alive. without characters there would be no roleplay, simple as. but writing them isn't as easy as slapping down a personality under a couple of nicely edited photos. you've got to captivate. here i've provided several links to resources that will help in this process.

a website to provide those snazzy symbols everyone is using.

a list of 1000+ surnames.

a first name generator. (make sure to select english in the categories.)

a list of 1000 girls names based on popularity.

a list of 1000 boys names based on popularity.

100 positive personality traits.

100 negative personality traits.

a personality generator.

100 character quirks.

a means of relaxation. (put it on over your favorite writing songs for best results.)

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