6 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block


We’ve all suffered from it, and we all fear it. It’s not fun staring at that blinking cursor with a head devoid of any ideas.

Here’s a few top tips for beating writer’s block and getting back in the flow again:

  1. Do something physical. Do the hoovering, do the washing up, rearrange your bookshelves. Letting your mind shut down for a while often helps it refocus, and you could end up with a lovely tidy home!
  2. Get a change of scenery. Go out for a walk, or even just move to another room or another seat.
  3. Don’t get mad, get even. Set your work aside and write for 5 minutes about the annoyance of writer’s block.
  4. Explore your character. Write a monologue for your character, or a diary entry, or a letter to one of their friends. Not only will this give you extra insight into your character, but it might kick off a new idea.
  5. Write a scene just for fun. Take your characters and put them somewhere unusual, write an argument between them, or even let them get a little amorous. It might not end up in your novel, but it will get you writing again.
  6. Introduce a new character. This introduces a new energy to your work, a new perspective.

Of course, I also advocate getting a sugar rush. Have some chocolate, or coffee and cake. Yep, definitely encourage that.

Good luck!


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