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Day 1 – Current Relationship

If there is something I’ve learned during my current relationship, it is patience and understanding. I’ve learned that although I often think I’m right, I’m quite possibly wrong. That although I might not see why and not mean them that way, my words can still offend and harm others. And most importantly, I’ve learned that my view isn’t the only one. That not everyone thinks the same way I do.

We’ve all had that idea of what we wanted that future someone to be like. We imagined that Prince Charming (or flawless model) and decided we wouldn’t settle for anything less than that. But then the day comes and we find that person and we realise they’re not what we expected them to be, they’re so different. And then, the internal battle begins.

Am I settling? Could I do better? Are they right for me? Do I really want to be with them?

They’re different. That’s not what I planned. Maybe I should go look for someone else, someone who is closer to me, who shares my views.

You’ll hear different answers to those questions, different endings to their stories. Some couples will overcome their differences, some won’t. Some will stay together, some won’t. Either way, that’s OK.

We should stop torturing us for failed relationships and instead, try to understand why they failed in the first place and apply your new found knowledge to the next one.

I thought I knew a lot about relationships when I met my current partner, and I guess in a way I did, but that was not enough to stop me from making mistakes, from hurting his feelings and letting him hurt mine.

No relationship is the same, just as no two people are the same. We understood that the hard way, so started again, from square one. We learned. We adapted. We grew. That made our relationship as it is now. Stronger. Imperfect, but ours.



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